When the shit hits the bands… get a new antenna!!

So I’ve (obviously?) not been very motivated to hit the airwaves lately… mostly because they have seemingly been TERRIBLE! Life has also, as usual, gotten a bit busy. Not being one to let it all get me down, I finally buckled down and bought a for-reals-ish antenna. I bought an MFJ-1778, which is essentially a G5RV.

You should have seen me trying to get this thing up in the tree. It might have involved a few rocks, a rake tied to a broomstick tied to a broom, a bucket, and eventually using my S9v18 vertical antenna as a hook to grab a rope. It was not pretty, and very much amateur hour. But, in the end, I prevailed!

So far I’m fairly please. Right at about a 1:1 almost across the bands, I can finally hear and and be heard on 80m, and I was able to reduce my JT65 power down from 55w to a more usual 10w, and I made some QSO’s!

More to come, and if I’m not too embarrassed, maybe some pictures of the install. Until then – 73!

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