NO MORE HUM, SON!! Oh and I’m finally live at my new QTH!

If you remember back when I was about to volt this mic right out of here you know the struggles I went through with getting an external headset hooked up to my Yeasu FT-450. I struggled getting the mic input to work, and when I finally was able to get it to work there was a very annoying hum in the background of my audio. Come to find out… there is a flaw in the FT-450! Thanks to the deduction and handiwork of K4ZFG , I was able to fix the hum issue by running some ground wires from the faceplate of my radio to a ground screw on the chassis.

In other news… I’m live at my new QTH! Finally got settled in and got my rig set up. I’m back to my S9V18 vertical antenna for now, but that’s enough to get me going again! When the weather warms I’m going to find a spot in the yard for my dipole.

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