It takes propagation AND patience…

So this last week has been complete crudcrud for DXing compared to the past couple of weeks. Being new to all this ham radio stuff, I started getting a little worried that I had done something to my rig. Spent the entire night without a single contact. Plugged, unplugged, check power settings, even popped up some web SDRs and tried to see my own signal. Nothing.

I gave up and shut the whole radio down. I updated the blog and started working on a widget to pull in my DXCC and WAS stats from LOTW. When I got tired of that I fired up the rig and got a contact in Germany, with a 59+ signal report back. Goes to show, we are at the mercy of the bands sometimes!

I’m sure glad my first week wasn’t this frustrating… I might have wound up packing up the rig and putting it up for sale!

Current stats: 80 QSO, 20 confirmed QSL. 1 confirmed state for WAS.

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