I’m about to volt this mic right out of here…

In my quest to be ever-so hobbytastic and save a little moola, I bet you can guess what happened. Three trips to Radio Shack for over-priced parts later, I’m no closer to my end goal than I was in the beginning, and in my infinite wisdom I am down one Yaesu MH-67 handheld mic.

In all my infinite optimism, I figured it would be pretty easy to wire up my gaming headset to my rig along with a pedal so I could go hands-free like the pros. Buy the parts, get it wired up, pedal works great. The headset? Nothing. I can hear just fine, thanks to the handy headphone jack on the front of the FT-450, but no audio from the mic coming into the rig. I peruse the interwebs for its wealth of knowledge on what might be going on, and determine I have a voltage problem. So, I try and amp up some voltage coming into the mic. The closest I have gotten so far is some audio coming into the rig along with a nice, loud tone hanging out in the background.

Needless to say I am a bit frustrated – but I’ve reached out to some fellow Elmer’s to help me along my path to getting this sorted out. And in the meantime I can mull over how wise this venture has become when I probably could have just bought a nice Heil headset and plugged it right in.

Live and learn, right??


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