Busy busy hameroonee

In case you’ve noticed a theme in my recent posts, I’ve been busy! We’re coming to the end of the year at work which always means the pressure it on to finish up a few projects – so my ham time has been a bit hampered. See what I did there?

I have, though, made time for some antenna and shack adjustments. For starters, I pulled my S9v18 vertical down of the chain link fence and gave it the installation attention it deserves. It’s now proudly ground-mounted in my back yard behind the garage, complete with radials and everything. I even borrowed by neighbor’s edger so I could cut some thin trenches in the lawn and just barely bury the radials so they don’t get torn up by the dogs. I’m pretty proud of the install job, even added some decorative rock and everything! (pictures posted soon, I promise!)

I also moved my shack down into the basement – it gives me much easier access to the outside of the house for antenna wires and such. The funny thing is, though, I barely spend any time in my shack any more. Since I’ve taken up JT-65 as my main mode lately, I’ve also taken to using remote desktop to my shack computer from the computer in my office. I get the comfort of my office without the mess of a radio and equipment all shoved into my office as well!

Next up I want to install a hardware firewall on my home network and add a VPN so I can remote into my shack when I am away from home. That would be the ultimate luxury!

At this point I’m only 2 stations away from my WAS award – come on Vermont and Alaska! And for the WAC award I’m just missing Africa. That one’s pretty difficult to get it appears. Maybe in the next few months I’ll be able to swing an antenna upgrade and be able to hit some of the harder-to-reach folks. Any recommendations?

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