Aww Shucks, It’s Been AGES!!

I’ve been a pretty bad HAM lately – between travelling for work, re-arranging my house, and my partner starting grad school – getting on the radio has fallen a bit to the wayside for me! Luckily the tides have turned and good things are happening! With Kurt starting grad school, he needed a “for real” office, so we pulled him out of the basement, dismantled our guest room, and made him a cozy little office for him to spend the next 18 months with his nose in his books. That worked out in my favor, because now the area on the basement that used to be his office has been vacated. Hello, HAM Shack!!!

I spent the better part of today moving my equipment around and getting things back up-and running. The relocation also allowed me to move my antenna – no more chain-link fence as a ground plane! It worked out alright for the past 4 months or so, but I had wanted to get a for-reals ground system in place to see what type of improvement I could get. I ran to the hardware store, grabbed some wire and some lawn staples, and rigged myself up a ground system! The antenna has been moved and rewired, and now I’m on JT65 making some contacts. So far it seems to be performing better – in a short bit I’ll hop on voice and see how things sound. Pictures to come soon! And more updates as I get myself back into the habit of being a HAM!



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