ARRL Field Day 2017

In previous years I’ve attended Field Day through a local club. This year I was actually planning on being out of town and otherwise engaged for field day – and surprising my trip was cut a bit short. Sad for the trip, fantastic for field day!

Instead of going to a club event, I decided to try my hand at field day all by my lonesome.  I wasn’t cool enough to run on emergency power or anything like that, but I feel like I made a good showing for my first time going solo! In just a couple of session, each maybe 2 hours max, I was about to make over 300 contacts! It felt GREAT!

I’ve been a bit remiss (and honestly frustrated) due to band conditions being so crummy lately and my lack of time to actually get on the radio. Field day this year was a nice shot of energy and enthusiasm to get back into the habit.

How was your field day?

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